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"Being self-demanding is to make the dishes better every day, perfect"

Taking over one of the oldest, most cherished restaurants in Andorra when you are under 30 is a good example of generational change. New ways of doing and seeing the things that add value to make Andorra grow.

“I want Andorra to be known in the world as a trailblazing country, one eager to grow, and I think we’re on the right path”

Marcel Besolí

Owner of Celler d’en Toni

"A generational change is coming"

The Celler d’en Toni has received the Bib Gormand distinction from the Michelin guide, with the tradition of a restaurant with many years of history now run by young talent. A vindication of the role that gastronomy can play in the new Andorra.

Marcel Besolí trained in the restaurant business,but has dedicated his whole life to motor sport as a rally driver and instructor. Now he has returned to the world that has always fascinated him, taking a risk to make a dream come true.

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"We have to work for a change for the better"

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"The Andorra of the future is the one we are building today"

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"I want a host country without hang-ups"

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"We're a small country with huge opportunities"

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"Our job involves imagining the future"

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"No idea lasts forever, you have to reinvent yourself"

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"Andorra's future is achieved through hard work"

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