We’re the bank of people who, step by step, are making a new country

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"We're a small country with huge opportunities"

Elisabeth Olivé

Founder of Epic Andorra
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Eli’s mission is to reflect the most natural side of the country with unique forms of accommodation and mountain experiences, opening up farmhouses to visitors with a different kind of tourism. Another way of discovering Andorra.

[ Act 2 ]


"Our job involves imagining the future"

Max Commençal

Founder of de Commencal
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Max’s vision of creating an innovative bicycle company has led him to win world championships and become one of the most important brands in the world, anticipating the future, from Andorra.

[ Act 3 ]


"No idea lasts forever, you have to reinvent yourself"

Bernat Altimir

Entrepreneur and partner of CityXerpa
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Bernat’s drive has enabled him to overcome setbacks, persevere and today become partner of one of the most successful Andorran apps, bringing digitalisation to the country’s business sector.

[ Act 4 ]


"Andorra's future is achieved through hard work"

Joan Albert Farré
Founder of the Borda Sabaté winery
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The dedication of Joan Albert Farré at the Borda Sabaté winery, and that of Esteve Tor at the Casa Auvinyà winery, have enabled Andorran oenology to be recovered and brought up to standards of excellence that are hitherto unparalleled.

The people who are making a new country

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