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"We’re a small country with huge opportunities"

We have an amazing country and Elisabeth Olivé has created a new way to show it off with unique accommodation and mountain experiences.

“The first step is for all of us to believe that this is really powerful. Because when you travel it is hard to find authentic things and recognise their value, and this is what we have here!”

Elisabeth Olivé

Founder of Epic Andorra

"It is possible to arouse visitors’ interest and offer a new way of sightseeing"

There are not many authentic things in life and when you have them, if you show them off well, it is possible to arouse visitors’ interest and offer a new way of sightseeing.

Elisabeth Olivé loves the mountains and Andorra, and she has surrounded herself with like-minded people to explain and discover the country through different eyes.

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"We have to work for a change for the better"

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"The Andorra of the future is the one we are building today"

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"I want a host country without hang-ups"

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"Young people like me are coming with the desire to start a business and help Andorra"

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"Our job involves imagining the future"

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"No idea lasts forever, you have to reinvent yourself"

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"Andorra's future is achieved through hard work"

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