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"I want a host country without hang-ups"

Rescuing a basketball club from the lowest territorial division and taking it head-to-head against the best in Europe is a wonderful example of why being small should not have us give up on big goals.

“We’re a small country and sometimes we look at things as if they were really big, but when we’ve all been there, when we’ve all pulled together, we’ve been able to make them a reality.”

Gorka Aixàs
President of BC MoraBanc Andorra

"Trust is the first thing you need for something like this"

MoraBanc Andorra is a story of success, achievement and social cohesion. Today the club is a benchmark of how to grow without hang-ups or limits.

Gorka Aixàs is a graphic designer who has become president of the basketball club where he played as a child and which he has now brought to the highest level. He is the visionary behind a project about sport, but also about a country.

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